" A New Art-Form"

Christmas 2014  I discovered that by sanding a special type of rock with a little bit of water and sandpaper a beautiful 3D picture could be created.  I spent many hours perfecting the process, my style and the quality of the image has greatly improved over the past 3 years.  I've introduced color into my images which has changed the final product dramatically.

Originally I had named this Art "Mystic Mountain Beauty"  "MMB" because most of the images had mountains scene's in them and it had Mystical quality that just happened and every piece was truly beautiful.

Please visit my Sand 'n' Sketch website below for more details.

Sand 'n' Sketch

The image to the left was my first "MMB" that I accidentally created, this discovery helped me learn that anyone can learn how to draw on a rock without any artistic talent.  If you look closely at the pictures (left) on the bottom right hand side you will see an image of a man with a helmet and goggles that appears to be looking through a monocular and on the left side there is a small hill with a small cross that looks like a cemetery.